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Security: A business imperative
From company secrets to customers lists; employee records to corporate espionage; in today’s information-driven economy, data has become the lifeblood of your organization. Protecting this data is a business imperative, but with 60,000 new malware threats emerging every day, the traditional anti-virus only approach isn’t enough.

Faronics Anti-Executable
Application Whitelisting Made Easy
The polar opposite to blacklisting, whitelisting allows only a collection of explicitly authorized programs that are deemed as safe to run on your machine. Whitelisting for the 21st Century has evolved into a modern solution that offers a flexible and easy-to-use platform for today’s dynamic environments. Faronics Anti-Executable provides enterprise-level endpoint protection with an auto-populated program list that makes managing lists of sanctioned programs a breeze.


Faronics Insight

On Task Instruction  

Insight makes it easy for instructors to monitor user computers, blank user screens, mute audio, remote into user computers, and open, close or block applications and web activity on user workstations. Instructors no longer need to deal with classroom distractions like games, instant messaging, and web surfing when teaching a class.

Enable Collaboration 
Instructors are able to share their screen with users or their supervision as well as share a user’s screen with other users. Communication efficiency is increased with the ability to send and collect files, chat with users, broadcast messages, and hold classroom votes and student testing, all over a variety of machines and operating systems.


Faronics Power Save
Intelligent Power Management
Power Save delivers PC power management that does not interfere with user or IT requirements. Power Save keeps computers running when users need them and accurately determines when computers are inactive so they can be powered down.
Track your Savings 
Power Save generates accurate reports detailed by computer and monitor that show the incremental savings gained through the use of Power Save in both kWH and $; this data can be exported to any other reporting tool for additional analysis.
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