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Networking Services

TOPBIT System Sdn Bhd with its highly skilled technical team ready to take over any Networking Structure Designing, Installation, Implementations and Trouble Shooting challenging projects and completing professionally within time frame.


We offer all kind of networking solutions, including :

  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Wireless Network Solutions
  • Switches, Cat5e and Cat6 Network Cables
  • Trunking and Patch Paneling
  • Fibre Optic Cabling
  • Telephone Solutions (Cables, Trunking and IP Telephony)
  • TV and Intercom Systems
  • IP Cameras and Security Systems.

CAT5e and CAT6 Network Cabling

TOPBIT System Sdn Bhd  are specialists in the design, installation testing and implementation of cabling infrastructures compliant with EIA/TIA standards. Our teams have the experience, expertise, and knowledge to install complete installations to a high standard with the minimum of disruption.

Services :

  • Structured Cabling Voice and data integration.
  • CAT5e, CAT6 UTP Cabling.
  • Moves and Changes Floor standing Cabinets, Wall Boxes, Cable management,
    Server Cabinets, Fans, shelves.
  • Cabinet Relocates.
  • Tidying Patch leads.
    The installation-Cable run, containment and patching cabinets.
  • Termination, Jacks and Labeling.
  • Installers of structured cabling solutions.

Local Area Network(LAN)
Network installations, ranging from the simplest one joining only a couple of computers together to the more sophisticated networks like those in use on industrial scale, are always a delicate factor to tackle seriously as it deserves, cause this process will play a big part in network’s communication efficiency.

Here one can find a quality network installation service with years of experience and proficiency in the trade to back you up all the way. TOPBIT System Sdn Bhd  offered under the network installation sector include but are not limited to :

·         Site Survey - Requirements Analysis.

·         Structuring and Laying Down of any wiring / cabling involved.

·         Procurement of Computer Systems and Workstations.

·         Procurement of appropriate Server System/s.

·         Procurement and setup of relevant Software.

·         Internet connection and sharing configuration.

·         File and Data sharing rights allocation and setup.

·         Any Hardware and Accessories’ installation and sharing setup.

Fiber Optical Network
With highly qualified staff, complete range of optical fibre equipment, and rich experience of successful optical fibre system installations, TOPBIT System Sdn Bhd capable of providing a complete range of fibre optic products and network services, project management, installation and test solutions to meet demand for optical fibre networks.
Services :
  • Site Surveys and specifications of products and services.
  • System designing and preparation of system specifications.
  •  Installation, testing and commissioning of optical fibre system.
  • Fibre optic splicing.
  • Installation of Optical fibre cable Joints.
  •  Custom cable assemblies.